Production Company

Red Letter Films is a full-service production company.  From 4K cameras and drones to steadicams and edit suites, we own all the productions and post-production equipment required for any situation.

Its key creatives are Sylvie Peltier, President and Founder, and Greg Nosaty, Vice-President of Production and Post-Production.

Sylvie Peltier, President, creates award-winning factual productions using a cutting-edge boutique operation. With diverse experience as a writer, producer and director, Sylvie understands how to create well-made content that resonate with audiences and accomplish artistic goals. Sylvie draws on a background in economics to produce films with tight production values — on time, on budget and on target. Red Letter Films offers a full-service operation with its own gear of high quality, state-of-the-art equipment that ensures productions can be started and completed on schedule. Her team excels at understanding client requirements and meeting them spot-on without mistakes or miscommunication. Sylvie’s committed to developing and producing high quality, contemporary and timely programming for television, the web and other platforms.

Greg Nosaty, Vice-President, has been making films for more than twenty five years as an editor, cinematographer, director and writer. He is a natural storyteller who is fascinated by technology and isn’t afraid to use it to make intriguing and compelling films. Greg is the Vice-President of Production and Post-Production for Red Letter Films. Not only is he a Producer, Director or DOP on many of our productions, but he also keeps abreast of all new technological development, oversees all of the company’s equipment acquisitions and is responsible for post-production.